Espiritu Pampa

This a rather strenuous hike in the jungle and andean vegetation, visiting archaelogical places like Lucma, Rosaspata, Nusta Hispana and villages such as Yupanca, Cosevidayoc and Vilcabamba, to end up in the ruins of the lost city of Espiritu Pampa of the last Manco Inca.

  • ESPIRITU PAMPA "The Plain of the Ghosts" – 8 DAYS

    In 1911, Yale professor Hiram Bingham (possibly the model for the Indiana Jones character) came upon ruins that he assumed were part of an insignificant Inca settlement. Since then, further explorations reveal that Vilcabamba is the site of the true “Lost City of the Incas.” This was the last Inca capital, where the proud natives took their last stand against the Spanish conquistadors in the late 16th century. This trek through breathtakin

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