Founded in 1994, Earthbound Adventures is a pioneer in eco-tourism and a leading adventure-travel company offering unique treks in South America. Whether you dream of swimming with sea lions in the Galapagos or drifting through the Amazon rain forest on a moonlit canoe trip, you will be fully immersed in this breathtaking landscape among diverse cultures. Carefully crafted tours led by local naturalists ensure a tour respectful of the environment. We purposely operate on a smaller, more personal scale—and intend to continue to share the benefits.

Unlike other adventure travel groups, we limit the number of trips to each destination, traveling in groups of only 4 to a 10 people to minimize our impact on the fragile surroundings. Because the preservation of our planet is of utmost importance, we support international conservation organizations. We also donate money to plant 30 trees for each person who travels with us to offset the carbon footprint inherent in travel. We are the only eco-tourism company that does this.

Our tours are based on our own personal adventures over many years, so you’re traveling to places we know intimately. Our carefully chosen guides are South Americans who have first-hand knowledge of your destination. So, while you are benefiting from a native’s perspective, we are reinvesting in the local economy.

Standing out among the first environmentally responsible travel companies, a 1995 U.S. News & World Report article cited Earthbound Adventures as one of the best eco-tour companies in the U.S. We invite and encourage you to join us and see the difference!

Our staff

  • Also holding a degree in administrative sciences and tourism from the University of San Antonio Abad Del Cusco, Ivanov is fluent in Spanish, English, and Quechua. He is very familiar with the Cusco region, having guided treks for 10 years. “After working with other travel agencies, I joined Earthbound Adventures because I could see that their tours are different and travelers go home with a lifetime of memories.”

    Ivanov Hinojosa Echegaray, CUSCO OFFICE MANAGER
  • Margot has been a tour guide for eight years on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and alternative trails, as well as in Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Holding a degree in administrative sciences and tourism from the National University of San Antonio Abad, Margot is fluent in Spanish, English, and Quechua. “We are proud to offer our clients personalized service,” says Margot. “Instead of employing the services of other small companies to operate our tours, we do everything ourselves.”

    Carmen Margot Coello Luna, CUSCO TOUR COORDINATOR
  • Unlike other tour directors who have spent days, weeks or, at most, months traveling to the destinations they offer clients, Tony Cohen has literally spent years hiking the far corners of South America and other continents. He knows these regions and cultures intimately, as only an intrepid backpacker can.

    Raised in Israel in a small farming community, he served three years in a paratrooper unit before taking an intensive 18-month course to become a professional tour leader. For 2 years, he coordinated a youth movement program where he honed his skills by overseeing a wide range of programs, including afterschool activities, summer camp, hiking and biking trips, and service tours throughout Israel.

    n 1982, he embarked on a childhood dream of exploring and living among the people of South America. For the next four years he backpacked the length and breadth of the continent, from climbing Aconcagua to exploring the remote Bolivian jungle. His travels have taken him into the heart of Central America, the far reaches of Alaska and Canada, and the countries of South East Asia. His remarkable adventures lasted seven years and continue to this day.

    n the late 1980s, he settled in the U.S. and took the Sierra Club tour leader course to gain knowledge of the burgeoning field of eco-tourism. From this love and passion for travel and people, Tony founded Earthbound Ad

    Tony Cohen, Founder and Director


Earthbound Adventures is the only U.S. tour company licensed by the government of Peru (Link to Inca Trail licenses)

  • Being licensed to do business in Peru completely eliminates the hassle, uncertainty and expense of dealing with third-party subcontractors and middlemen.
  • We have control over all the details, and are accountable for all government-approved equipment, guides, porters, and other arrangements.
  • Our licensed offices in the U.S. and Cusco are available 24/7 to offer superior, personal customer service. There is no delay in booking or addressing concerns. (Earthbound adventures is Delaware corporation)

Vast, first-hand trekking experience

Unlike other tour operators, Earthbound Adventures founder Tony Cohen hiked the South American continent for four years straight, then spent the next three years touring Canada, Alaska, and Southeast Asia. He has been in your boots and knows what trekkers want and need.

Porters treated as experienced professionals

  • Our porters’ wages are above industry standards.
  • We are the only company that provides special carrying frames and state-of-the-art equipment for the porters’ comfort and safety.
  • We guarantee the number of porters is sufficient for the group size.

First to offer Inca Trail alternatives

Earthbound Adventures was the first to offer alternatives to the Inca Trail, which gives hikers a choice of less-traveled paths for a more intimate, genuine taste of the amazing Peruvian landscape and culture.

Dedicated to eco-tourism

To offset the carbon footprint of international air travel, Earthbound Adventures plants 30 trees for each trekker. We’re the only company that does this. We strictly limit the number and size of the groups to lessen the impact on the fragile ecosystems.